Concept Bank’s Entrepreneurship Workshop Allows Equip Students For Future Enterprise Success – Troy These Days

For Troy University alumna Avalon Dudinsky Meacham, returning to Troy on Thursday for the IDEA Bank’s Entrepreneurship Pop-Up Workshop turned into exciting – not only for the treasured records she received, however additionally for the opportunity to look the boom of the center that had its origins whilst she become a pupil at TROY.

Troy University partnered with Auburn University’s Government and Economics Development Institute to provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs to enhance their odds of success. Dr. LaKami Baker, Russell Foundation Associate Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Auburn’s Harbert College of Business, led the workshop for approximately 20 members, representing both students and small business proprietors from the community.

Meacham was a key proposal for the IDEA Bank, when, as a advertising main, she efficiently launched a enterprise selling the all-purpose seasoning “Stan’s Stuff.” She utilized diverse University resources within the process, but on the time, finding and bringing collectively the ones sources changed into no longer clean.

TROY released the IDEA Bank, which stands for Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Accelerator, to streamline the procedure for college students, and the surrounding network, with the improvement and execution of commercial enterprise ventures.

“It is very interesting to see the IDEA Bank pass from the idea and the idea to the execution,” Meacham stated. “It may be very exciting to peer the distance truly used for the more community, as well as for Troy University students.”

For Meacham, Thursday’s workshop was packed with key standards that she believes will advantage her commercial enterprise efforts shifting ahead.

“We are mastering about how you can discover your customers and start your entrepreneurship journey,” she said. “I like that she addressed that a business plan won’t be the high-quality location to begin because it is able to be extraordinarily overwhelming, as I can let you know from my revel in of being a scholar. Her acknowledgement that we need to start with questions like where are the customers, what are the products and how that is going to truly play out in exercise is a better vicinity to begin so that people don’t stumble upon those large roadblocks and come to be failing.”About 20 students and neighborhood business owners took part inside the entrepreneurship workshop, gaining knowledge of beneficial recommendations on how to achieve success in launching and keeping groups.

Thursday’s event provided TROY student Austin Shufflebarger together with his first revel in with the resources and offerings to be had thru the IDEA Bank, however he says it received’t be his remaining visit.

“I’ve truly enjoyed this presentation and I’m very involved to investigate different events the IDEA Bank holds. I’ve had a whole lot of ideas of things that I would like to do and I suppose entrepreneurship is something we analyze lots approximately within the software however we don’t learn how to begin groups,” he stated. “So, I thought this will be a surely thrilling thing in which I might get to research lots approximately a way to start and entrepreneurial commercial enterprise, the steps that I needed to take and the matters I needed to look for.”

For Shufflebarger, a big take-far from Thursday’s workshop was the significance of focusing on the patron base.

“The massive factor that got here to my thoughts that I hadn’t concept of turned into understanding your customers,” he stated. “Everyone, once they start a business, has an idea of a product that they want to promote and they have an concept of who’s going to shop for that product however they don’t assume in-intensity approximately their marketplace segment and their customers specifically. That is some thing that I’ve discovered – to assume lots greater in-depth about the clients.”

Thursday’s workshop also marked TROY scholar Juston Caldwell’s first revel in with the IDEA Bank.

“This is my first revel in right here on the IDEA Bank, and I want to do more workshops right here throughout my ultimate time at TROY,” Caldwell stated. “For me personally, I have a commercial enterprise that I could be taking the helm of in a few years, and some of the matters I became trying to learn from it had been being a better organizer, information my customer base a little higher, and extraordinary strategies I could use to make myself a little extra nicely-rounded. Additionally, I desired to use this as an possibility to be more outgoing due to the fact I am quite introverted notwithstanding being a person who’s in income. I simply wanted to community with like-minded humans.”

Caldwell also pointed to the emphasis the workshop located on knowing and expertise clients as an important take-faraway from the event.

“Even though I’ve been in income for five years now, I’ve in no way taken the time to truly apprehend the customer. I’ve greater so been fixated on what I’m seeking to do in preference to be targeted on what my consumer wishes. Learning approximately understanding and knowledge my customers has been an critical aspect I’ve found out approximately today.”

Lynne George, the IDEA Bank’s Director, said partnership with the Government and Economic Development Institute changed into a exceptional way to serve students and the network.

“The entrepreneurship workshop turned into a fantastic possibility for aspiring marketers and modern-day small commercial enterprise owners to reflect onconsideration on a few key factors in their business which can usually get put on the lower back burner,” George stated. “We did a deep dive on expertise customers and developing fee even as mapping out enterprise models. Entrepreneurs have plenty to juggle, however it’s crucial to take a step again and verify what’s operating. This become a hazard to try this with the help of an expert and with like-minded friends. It became the suitable manner to execute the venture of the IDEA Bank, which includes presenting each instructional content and a place for collaboration.”

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