Set Up Skype For Business

Install Skype for Business on Windows

The Skype for Business Basic consumer is designed for use on systems that want only simple functionality. It presents immediately messaging (IM), audio and video calls, online meetings, availability (presence) statistics, and sharing abilties.

You will need an active account to use the Skype for Business Basic customer.

  • Download and deploy Skype for Business Basic

    When you click on the Download button at the web page, you may be precipitated to pick out the download that suits the version of your different Office packages (32-bit edition or sixty four-bit version). If you don’t know, choose 32. The installer will test the edition for you.

  • If you want to install Skype for Business Basic to a massive range of people on your commercial enterprise, see Deploy the Skype for Business customer in Microsoft 365 for facts approximately deployment gear you can use.

These commands explain how to get to the Skype for Business down load, and deploy it.

Tip: If you do not see the Skype for Business down load on your portal, ensure the Microsoft 365 for business plan you bought consists of it. Also, ask the individual for your commercial enterprise who purchased it whether they assigned a license to you.

  • Sign in to Microsoft 365 at

  • At the top of your Microsoft 365 web page, pick > Microsoft 365.

  • Depending to your Microsoft 365 plan:

    • If you spot the following page, pick out Skype for Business, pick your language, the version that fits your other Office programs (32 bit or 64 bit – if you do not know, choose the default) and pick Install. Then go to step five.

    • If Skype for Business is bundled with other Microsoft 365 applications, you will see the following page. Choose Install to put in the Microsoft 365 suite of programs, including Skype for Business. When you are finished, go to Sign in for the primary time on the give up of these steps.

    • If you do not see Skype for Business indexed in any respect, then it’s not protected to your Microsoft 365 business plan -OR- your admin hasn’t assigned a license to you. Ask your admin (the person that gave you sign-in information) for assist.

  • At the lowest of your display screen, choose Save as to down load the setupskypeforbusinessentryretail.exe report in your pc.

    Important: Note wherein you saved the setupskypeforbusinessentryretail.exe file for your laptop. If Skype for Business stops for the duration of setup, this is in which you visit re-run it.

  • After the setupskypeforbusinessentryretail.exe record has downloaded, choose Run.

    The Office installer starts, and displays a message that it’s putting in Office. However, it is only installing Skype for Business. It isn’t installing all of Office.

  • When the Office installer is completed, it displays a message that Office turned into established in your pc. However, only Skype for Business became mounted. Choose Close.

  • Launch Skype for Business. At the First things first field, in case you be given the licensing settlement, pick Accept.

  • You can install Skype for Business on as much as five PCs. To set up Skype for Business on some other PC:

  • Log on in your next PC.

  • Sign in to Microsoft 365 at

  • Repeat the stairs indexed in the above system to download and deploy Skype for Business.

  • Congratulations! You’re completed installing Skype for Business. Now you are geared up to sign in to Skype for Business for the first time.

    Sign in for the first time

  • At the Skype for Business sign up page, input your Microsoft 365 person ID and password, after which pick out Sign in.

    For instance, in case you use to check in to Microsoft 365, that is what you’ll input to register to Skype for Business.

  • Enter your password for Microsoft 365.

  • At the following web page, in case you need to keep your password for signing in subsequent time, pick Yes.

  • At the Help Make Skype for Business Better box, pick out whether to allow us to collect errors logs and tool configuration info.

  • Congratulations! Now you are ready to take the Skype for Business video schooling.

    If you’ve got Office 2007, 2010, or 2013, you may adequately set up and use Skype for Business 2016. It won’t overwrite your current Office packages UNLESS YOU ARE INSTALLING MICROSOFT 365 PROPLUS. Please study all the information beneath before putting in.

    What takes place once I set up Skype for Business 2016 on a laptop that has Office 2007, 2010, or 2013?

    • Use the commands to put in Skype for Business for the plan you have:

      • Download and deploy Skype for Business with Microsoft 365 (in this text)

      • Install Skype for Business Online: pick out if you got the standalone model of the product.

    • When you visit deploy Skype for Business 2016, you may see this page, which shows that you’re handiest going to install Skype for Business:

    • When you select Install, the Office installer will start. It seems like all of Office is being mounted, however it is simplest installing Skype for Business.

    • If you have Office 2007, Skype for Business 2016 won’t be absolutely integrated with your Office applications. For instance, you might not see the presence of your co-workers when you type an email in Outlook (by using “presence” I suggest you won’t see whether they’re available, busy, or away), and you won’t have some other features. But you’ll have chat (IM) and conferencing along with your co-people.

    IMPORTANT: IF YOU PURCHASED MICROSOFT 365 PROPLUS YOU WILL HAVE TO UPGRADE TO THE ENTIRE OFFICE 2016 PACKAGE IN ORDER TO GET SKYPE FOR BUSINESS. IT WILL OVERWRITE PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF OFFICE. When you visit deploy Skype for Business, you’ll understand you have Microsoft 365 Apps for organization due to the fact you might not see an choice to installation Skype for Business through itself; you may see this alternatively:

    If you do not want to upgrade to Office 2016, communicate to the individual that bought your Microsoft 365 Apps for company plan to peer about getting a standalone Skype for Business Online Plan subscription.

    Don’t see what you want in this text? Check out the following install commands:

    • Install Skype for Business with Microsoft 365 ProPlus – With Microsoft 365 Apps for company, the entire Office 2016 suite is mounted. There’s no choice to best install Skype for Business through itself.

    • Deploy the Skype for Business consumer in Microsoft 365 – Choose this feature if you want to deploy Skype for Business in a big employer.

    Important: If you upgrade from the Microsoft 365 Mid-size or Microsoft 365 Small Business Premium plans to Microsoft 365 Apps for business or Microsoft 365 Business Standard plans, Skype for Business might be removed from your laptop. You have to install Skype for Business Basic to get the functionality again. Learn more. Install Skype for Business on Mac

    These commands give an explanation for the way to down load and set up Skype for Business on Mac from the Microsoft 365 portal. Before you start, we advocate which you view the machine necessities.

  • Sign in to Microsoft 365 at

  • Under Software, pick out Skype for Business.

    Note: If you don’t see the Skype for Business download in your portal, ensure the Microsoft 365 for business plan you purchased includes it. Also, ask the individual to your enterprise who purchased it whether they assigned a license to you.

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