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Business and Administration – Accounting

I changed into born and raised inside the heart of Chicago and grew up a completely outgoing and activechild. Always staying proactive, I ventured into a number of extraordinary sports toshow my talent. I was part of the beta team in my early standard school years.In high school, I joined a set known as Focus that opened the door for mentoring andhelping others at an early age. I changed into additionally part of a CPS group referred to as Harris Fellows,which helped develop pilot programs related to highschool teachers. As part of thisgroup, I traveled to numerous faculties, lots of them outdoor of Illinois, to examine studentissues. Our objective changed into to advantage a higher know-how of the way applications should bedeveloped to pleasant remedy scholar wishes.

I have frequently used my creativity to convey a number of entrepreneurial ideas to lifestyles.I started out a group called One Mic, an organisation in which pals, young adults, artistsand older adults come to speak about their private and maximum inspirational ideas. Participantsare unfastened to express themselves both verbally and artistically.

I aspire to receive a bachelor’s diploma in Business Administration from Chicago StateUniversity. My most important is accounting. I need to turn out to be an entrepreneur in order that I can take my many abilities to the next leveland take control of my monetary future. My desire is to reach toward a higher trendy and show to myself that I even have the expertise and abilities to realizemy dreams, at the same time as additionally placing a wonderful example for people who come at the back of me.   

Product Ambassador and Supporter

As a primary-generation Haitian-American kid, my circle of relatives and different families like oursovercame our occasions by means of gaining some thing that cannot be taken faraway from us….EDUCATION.    I enrolled at Olive Harvey Community College and graduated with an Associate’s degree.From there, I enrolled on the university in my neighborhood …. The Chicago State University!Before I began at Chicago State, I created a plan that outlined how I wanted myacademic profession to development. I become worried in campus activities and finished internshipsat the Mayor’s Office and PNC charge Bank’s company workplace, while concurrently maintaininga 3.3+ GPA.

I had the choice of going to DePaul University, however I selected Chicago State University.I selected a place where I felt welcomed and the school and staff had been in reality enthusiasticabout helping me prevail. Everyone I labored with matched my pressure, such as Ms. Wellsin the Career Development Center, Robert Hearon within the African American Male ResourceCenter, as well as Professor Martin, Dean Collins, Dr. Kpo and Dr. Coupet within the Collegeof Business. Any student right here can do the identical for me; you simply must need it!    

I am presently employed by the General Capital Corporation Company, an opportunityI discovered through the College of Business’ Annual Job Fair for Accounting and Financestudents. I am pleased with the decision I made to attend Chicago State Universityto pursue my baccalaureate degree. As a end result, I’ve grown as someone and as a professional.I wish this allows any present day or prospective scholar to apprehend that your neighborhooduniversity is there for you, and might propel you to higher heights. Be strong, chronic,and brave. Enjoy your journey, examine as an awful lot as you can, and build many relationships.

Business and Administration – Management

I commenced my university adventure nearly a decade after completing high faculty in 2000. Icompleted most of my fashionable training training at Moraine Valley Community Collegeand then decided to switch to CSU inside the fall of 2015. I not on time college to focuson my family. After I were given married and had beautiful children, university was farfrom my thoughts. My husband became within the Navy and I changed into handling my circle of relatives’s auto repairfacility within the South Shore community. I even have held this position for almost 17 years.It wasn’t until my kids started to become old that they asked me, “What college didyou visit, mother?” Because I had no solution, I become barely embarrassed – now not becauseI became incapable of going to college however as it wasn’t a concern for me. I hadinstilled the significance of education in them because preschool, yet I wasn’t livingup to my personal requirements. So I went again, and I have given it all I actually have from day one.That choice has led me to this very moment in my life – four months faraway from graduationwith a three.1 GPA and enthusiastic about attending graduate school.

My enjoy at CSU has not handiest furnished me with the learning gear important tomanage our enterprise greater efficiently and efficaciously, however it also has given me a senseof personal gratification and the self belief to be something I want to be. The majorityof my enterprise acumen has come from hands-on enjoy. However, the felony and professionalcomponents of my skill set have been progressed dramatically over the last years.

Business and Administration – Accounting

My name is Stephanie Rodman and I am currently a senior pursuing a Bachelor’s degreein Accounting. I presently hold a 3.73 G.P.A and I may be graduating in May 2018.As a switch student, I have attended Chicago State University for 2 years, whereI had been capable of locate possibilities which have and could hold to assist me gainknowledge and increase my accounting career. As a scholar at CSU, I even have obtained twosignificant awards.  I received E.Q.U.I.P.P.’s Lela E. Wright Scholarship and wasrecognized via Chicago State University for fantastic educational fulfillment. As aCollege of Business pupil, I were selected to take part in Thurgood MarshallCollege Fund’s 17th Annual Leadership Institute this October. While attending ChicagoState I were fortunate sufficient to work within the Office of Budget and Resource Planningwhere I am gaining a brilliant deal of enjoy and knowledge relating accountingfrom my colleagues. I have also been capable of community with other accounting and financeprofessionals from whom I am additionally gaining incredible expertise. Obtaining my Bachelor’sdegree from Chicago State University is best going to open more doors of opportunityfor me as I aspire to work for the Internal Revenue Service as an auditor.

Business and Administration – Accounting

I am Alexis Sevilla. I turned into born and raised at the southeast facet of Chicago. My dad,Manuel Sevilla, is an immigrant from Jalisco, Mexico and my mom, Margie Sevilla, wasborn in Chicago to immigrant parents. Throughout my schooling, I was continually on thehonor roll and obtained severa awards for educational fulfillment. During my high schoolyears at Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy, I became captain of the women’soccer team, treasurer of the Spanish National Honor Society, and a member of theNational Honor Society. I additionally engaged in a extensive about of network provider.After graduating from excessive faculty with high honors, I went on to pursue my accountingdegree at Northern Illinois University. During my first 12 months of college, I turned into blessedwith a toddler boy. However, I still had goals and dreams and I by no means forgot that educationwas the important thing to fulfillment. Thanks to my support machine, I changed into capable of retain my educationand graduate from the only and handiest CHICAGO STATE UNIVERSITY!! I received my degreein accounting inside the time frame predicted. I had the courage and determinationto be triumphant, irrespective of how tough the obstacles I had to triumph over.

Business and Administration – Accounting

I am a senior at Chicago State University majoring in accounting with hopes of completingmy bachelor’s diploma in fall of 2017. My instructional inspirations encompass acquiringmy bachelor’s degree in accounting that could useful resource me in pursuing a spot into a jointdegree application which include a J.D. and Masters of Accountancy presented with the aid of some regulation schoolswith hopes of incomes a CPA licensure.

My career imaginative and prescient is to someday very own my very own law company that offers expert accountingand law services for groups and people with the intention to assist to build and expandtheir groups. I spend time outdoor of the lecture room running and volunteering.I volunteer for the Humane Society and a nearby food pantry.

Business and Administration – Management 

I am presently employed with Renzenberger, Inc. wherein I am a professional motive force. I travel railroad crews to and from trains inside the railroad yards.  I actually have trained numerous new personnel regarding on-the-activity safety tactics.  I alsoassist the crews as they construct or take apart trains in the yards.

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