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Reviewed by using Steven Bookman, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Pace University on 6/23/21

The textual content covers all areas similarly to subjects (e.g., ) now not continually included. However, I want some subjects have more coverage (i.e., commercial enterprise modalities) while others have much less. Overall, the this text is good for an introductory enterprise writing…examine more

Reviewed via Karen Gaines, Associate Professor, Kansas City Kansas Community College on 5/7/21

The ebook is quite thorough with the topics that are covered. In truth, there are topics in the presentation sections that are not normally included within the commercial enterprise communications textbooks that I currently use. The order wherein the subjects are…read more

Reviewed through Terianne Brown, Lecturer, Hawaii Community College on four/20/21

This is an intensive e-book however may want to advantage from positive chapters being multiplied and others being condensed.read greater

Reviewed by means of Sharon McDermot, Business Adjunct, Northern Essex Community College on 3/18/21

The e book could be very comprehensive but I want there have been extra coverage of business writing in exceptional modalities.They do contact on texting and electronic mail however I assume there needs to be extra information on those subjects.The ebook does discuss enterprise…examine more

Reviewed by Dee Fretwell, Associate Professor, Southern Oregon University on 1/5/21

The situation is properly blanketed for the creation to Business Communication, with a gap in addressing very unique etiquette around expert communique through digital formats, such as emails, task control software, and so forth. until mid-way…study more

Reviewed via Katherine Hatzis, Senior Lecturer II, University of Massachusetts Boston on 6/27/20

The e book covers the entirety that one might want to educate in a enterprise communication direction.examine more

Reviewed by using Kathleen Berry, Adjunct Professor, Massasoit Community College on 6/23/20

The textual content covers all regions of the challenge appropriately.read greater

Reviewed by way of Alison Schirone, Adjunct Faculty, Roxbury Community College on 6/four/20

I used this e-book for a recently enterprise communications route.Generally talking, the book had all the requisite basics of commercial enterprise communications.I added a few modules to cope with brand new social mediums in extra element.A fantastic free text,…study more

Reviewed via Adam Falik, Assistant Professor, SUNO on four/27/20

The greatest asset of this e book (and once in a while its weak spot) is its try to be all encompassing.It virtually seeks comprehensiveness, to introduce a complete spectrum of enterprise conversation methodology.This is often powerful.The…examine extra

Reviewed by Megan Fitzmaurice, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington on 4/22/20

This textbook deal with written, oral, nonverbal and interpersonal communication at large. Many enterprise communique textbooks focus completely on written and oral verbal exchange, so inclusive of these other dimensions brings an essential nuance to this…study extra

Reviewed with the aid of Amanda Carpenter, Associate Professor, John Tyler Community College on three/30/20

This text was exceedingly nicely written and really comprehensive. The creator was very eloquent within the manner that they explained the content material. The textual content blanketed vital topics for commercial enterprise verbal exchange. The ebook includes gaining knowledge of assets and…examine extra

Reviewed with the aid of Miriam Gershow, Senior Instructor II, University of Oregon on 6/6/19

Covers a wide array of business communique topics, from foundations of language, target audience and rhetoric to common types of written and verbal commercial enterprise communications.examine extra

Reviewed by means of Shawn Gilmore, Senior Lecturer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on five/14/19

The text descriptively covers almost all of the requisite topics and subtopics beneath the banner “business verbal exchange,” as well as a number of associated rhetorical and conceptual approaches that are pretty typical inside the discipline. The textual content is divided…study greater

Reviewed via Bonnie Buchanan, Associate Professor, OhioLink on 3/28/19

From A to Z, the main communication subjects and ideas are included in this newsletter. From the basics of the communications version to group work effectiveness, this e book has the additives to train students critical abilties they may need within the…study extra

Reviewed by Cara Chang, Instructor, Leeward Community College on 2/10/19

This textbook become comprehensive within the experience that it covers huge principles in communique and then narrows down in particular to business writing and oral verbal exchange.This semester, after I used a part of this textbook for my business writing…study greater

Reviewed via Kara Wicklund, Instructor, Lead Instructional Designer, Bethel University on eleven/thirteen/18

This book covers nearly of all of the subjects I need to cover in my Business Communication path. The index is clear and easy to navigate, and the chapters are surely classified.examine greater

Reviewed by way of George Boone, Visiting Assistant Professor, Augustana College on eleven/thirteen/18

Overall, the e-book covers a extensive variety of topics. However, it gives breadth over intensity, that’s exceptional for an introductory enterprise communique direction. It lacks an index section, but, so unless your college students understand how to seek a PDF for…read extra

Reviewed by way of Jason Harper, Senior Lecturer and International Coordinator, Fort Hays State University on 11/12/18

The contents do provide teachers a comprehensive listing of key writing areas that ought to be protected in a college writing magnificence. For instance, it consists of topics like writing styles, lively studying, writing a precis, and assessing writing…examine greater

Reviewed with the aid of Shannon Breske, Assistant Teaching Professor, University of Missouri on 6/19/18

Business Communication for Success gives an outline of the main areas of communication and highlights additional sources at the give up of each bankruptcy. When reviewing different texts, this article is steady with subject matter regions covered. The text is…read greater

Reviewed by means of Margarette Connor, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Lehman College/CUNY on 6/19/18

This text covers all of the regions I would need to cowl in my three hundred-stage enterprise writing magnificence, together with non-verbal communications and international communications, subjects I find are regularly underrepresented in lots of texts. Very clear and…study greater

Reviewed via Brandi Quesenberry, Advanced Instructor, Virginia Tech on 6/20/17

Solid evaluate of foundations of enterprise conversation. I might pick a greater superior textbook but this newsletter works nicely for a decrease stage or introductory direction. Broad overview of each written and oral communique issues and satisfactory…examine greater

Reviewed through Alicia Edwards, Adjunct Professor, Business Management, Marketing and Communications, Northern Virginia Community College, Annadale Campus on 6/20/17

I was genuinely inspired with the comprehensiveness Business Communication for Success.For each idea of the author added, he gave context, the why and if needed consequences if the conventions are not heeded. While there is not a…study more

Reviewed through Catherine Wright, Associate Professor, George Mason University on 6/20/17

It covers too many regions, might need to be “chunked” into smaller clusters.It attempts to do an excessive amount of for one text.study more

Reviewed by way of Carrie Gay, Adjunct Professor, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Richmond, VA on 2/eight/17

This e book may be very comprehensive. Contains an full-size array of business communique principles relevant to today’s enterprise surroundings.However, there is no index or glossary which makes the book incredibly ineffective for short reference points.examine extra

Reviewed by using Rathin Basu, Professor, Ferrum College on 2/8/17

The textual content is quite comprehensive in its coverage of the important thing (and widespread) subjects and compares favorably with the very well known and widely used traditional text that I were using in my Business Communications elegance, in addition to others that I…examine greater

Reviewed by Bonnie Yarbrough, Lecturer, University of North Carolina at Greensboro on 12/five/sixteen

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